Personal cars department

passenger cars, buses and minibuses, campers, light transportation

The passenger car department is the largest part of our company. The exhaust systems are more and more complicated systems. We deal with the DPF, FAP, GPF, catalytic converters, silencers, pipes, elastic connecting elements, trims and assembly components. In addition to the sale of parts, we also provide services: we repair and replace sub-groups of exhaust systems. We are one of the few companies on the Polish market that regenerate the particle filter by replacing the insert. Our regeneration method guarantees a longer service life and reduces the exploration costs of the particle filter. Such service is pro-ecological and cheaper than buying a new filter.

In the area of passenger cars, we deal with cars, minibuses, buses and widely understood light transport.

Services performed

Tuning department deals with unusual orders in our company. We modify the existing exhaust systems, make new, also sports exhaust systems for individual customer orders. The constructions we make are the first element or complement of vehicle modification and mechanical tuning. This allows you to change not only the appearance but also the exhaust sound of the vehicle.
Instrumentation, accessories
The addition to our great range of subgroups of exhaust systems are assembly elements. They include u. a. Seals, clamps, fasteners or elastic connections, so-called: “braid”.
Historic vehicles
We prepare the solutions for all the historic vehicles – oldtimers and younger models – youngtimers that are no longer produced. We reconstruct, build and build from scratch all exhaust systems and also the exhaust ornaments
Silencer tips
We have silencer tips in our offer that can change the appearance of the exhaust system. We have several dozen patterns in different shapes, both original ones and from our production.
Frequently Asked Questions
If you can't find the muffler you need, renewing it is the best solution: replacing corroded fragments, cleaning, preserving and complex painting. Finally, we suggest making the necessary elements. To honestly appreciate the renovation, we must first see this silencer in our workshop.
Wear was most likely subject to “elastic element”, ie vibration damper, which is also called “elastic connection”, usually “braid”. In the event of such an error, we recommend replacement and assembly in our service. We have a large selection of the dimensions of this element from leading companies, e.g. VW, Fischer etc.
In most cases you can do this. In our offer are the silencers, exhaust systems of such producers as: Magnaflow, Ulter or Supersprint, we also realize individual orders according to the needs of the customers.
Yes, we have a great range of adornments. We have original endings, especially for top brands such as: Maserati, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi. There are also dozens of universal stainless steel endings from some major producers.

Sample projects