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Repair and sale of catalytic converters and exhaust systems

WDue to one-sided specialization – we deal only with the exhaust systems – our company offers the services at the highest level. Years of practice, acquired experience, qualified specialists and warehouse rich of spare parts on the spot allow us to make any repairs or modifications. 

We repair exhaust systems in cars, trucks, machines with engines and motorcycles.We have a large stock of original silencers, spare parts from well-known producers and all the elements of the exhaust system that are necessary to carry out the services to the satisfaction of customers in the fastest possible time.

We deal with the production of exhaust systems that are difficult to obtain – intended for oldtimerów and youngtimerów. We make elements of exhaust systems or entire systems according to the customer’s design or on customer order using our technology.

We also make sporty modifications in the passenger cars both in the factory exhaust systems and according to our projects from acid-resistant or aluminized steel.

Motorcyclists can also find a large selection of silencers for their motorcycles. We sell and install exhaust systems from leading producers and our own Kaliński brand. We make continuous dampers for all models of two-wheelers

Exhaust systems become more and more ecological with the advancement of technology, and what is connected with it – technologically advanced. The catalysts that reduce polluting exhaust gases, DPF dry air particle filters and their equivalent FAP (so-called wet filter) are generally used in vehicles. These are the elements that are subject to wear and tear (and failure). Our company has a special department that deals with the regeneration, repair and replacement of such elements. So if your car has such a breakdown, we cordially invite you – apart from the kind of the vehicle.

If there is a CHECK ENGINE message in your car, the engine indicator light comes on, the engine starts the emergency service mode or an alarm that signals a malfunction in the fuel cleaning system, we invite you to our service. We will make computer diagnosis, find out the exact cause of the failure and we suggest the most optimal way to full restore the functionality of this system.

General types of errors and messages that are generated by the on-board diagnostic system are: catalytic converter defect or too low catalytic converter performance, defects in the fuel cleaning system, DPF / FAP filter defect and too much soot in the filter. The vehicle might operates in the service mode, which restricts the engine from high turnover or prevents it from driving in emergencies (due to filling itself).

The technology used in our service is based on the regeneration of the DPF, FAP, GPF  particle filter “dry” in the high temperature. As a result of this process, the soot, which collects in microchannels, is burned and the ash produced in this way is blown out by the compressed air. This process does not require drying of the ceramic inserts, as in the case of flushing with water as is used by other companies, and as a result there are no errors resulting from the small amount of water remaining in the filter. We use this process in the case of DPF / FAP filters of all kinds of vehicles: cars, trucks and construction and agricultural machinery etc.

In some cases, if the filter insert DPF / FAT is broken, damaged or completely filled and there is no way to regenerate it, we can replace the filter insert. This is the most eco-friendly way to restore the performance of this exhaust system element. If we don’t leave the factory case, we can cut costs even more.