Personal cars department
If you can't find the muffler you need, renewing it is the best solution: replacing corroded fragments, cleaning, preserving and complex painting. Finally, we suggest making the necessary elements. To honestly appreciate the renovation, we must first see this silencer in our workshop.
Wear was most likely subject to “elastic element”, ie vibration damper, which is also called “elastic connection”, usually “braid”. In the event of such an error, we recommend replacement and assembly in our service. We have a large selection of the dimensions of this element from leading companies, e.g. VW, Fischer etc.
In most cases you can do this. In our offer are the silencers, exhaust systems of such producers as: Magnaflow, Ulter or Supersprint, we also realize individual orders according to the needs of the customers.
Yes, we have a great range of adornments. We have original endings, especially for top brands such as: Maserati, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi. There are also dozens of universal stainless steel endings from some major producers.
Yes, the regeneration is based on the exchange of the ceramic inserts for new ones. As a result, we are certain that every catalyzer we offer is 100% safe and its durability is comparable to that of the new part bought in ASO.
We are able to regenerate almost every Euro 6 catalyst. The regeneration is most often based on the replacement of the pre-catalyst DOC (in brands such as: MAN, Volvo, Renault) or the replacement of the SCR catalyst (in brands such as: Mercedes Actros, Atego).
We do not use this method because it is not so effective. During the cleaning of the catalyst with the water, metal is rinsed out, which is responsible for carrying out the reaction with ADblue and thus also for reducing the NOx emissions.
We use Hartridge systems to regenerate the DPF particle filter. The method we use is based on soot afterburn. The soot is in a special oven. Then we remove the soot and ashes through the compressed air. The method we use to regenerate DPF filters is recommended by leading engine manufacturers from companies such as: Caterpillar, Cummins, Volvo or Paccar.
We do not recommend this method because it leads to metal rinsing out of the ceramic. These metals are responsible for exhaust gas cleaning and soot afterburning. In some DPF filters, which are built from segments (e.g. Mercedes Actros), the joints that connect the filters can also be damaged and consequently broken. The next problem is the dimension of the DPF filter (the size) in a truck. It is very difficult to dry it completely after the cleaning process. When we install wet air filters, the soot mixes and connects with water; as a result, the filter must be regenerated again soon.
Our silencers are adapted to original bows and clamps that the motorcycle manufacturer has manufactured. If you have not yet modified your exhaust system, our silencers will fit your motorcycle.
The silencers in our production are continuous silencers, which gives the motorcycle a louder sound. The sound that the silencers emit is characterized by so-called “deep, bass” sound, the sound can exceed the permitted noise standard of 96 dB.
Yes, you can dampen our silencers. You can use DB Killer dampers for this. It should be noted that the noise standard for damping can be exceeded at higher engine speeds.
All of our production silencers are made of high quality stainless steel. The motorcycle call dampers are then nickel-plated and chrome-plated.
Working machines
Yes, we are able to make a machine according to the specific specification. For this purpose, a photo or technical drawing of this element must be sent to us. Sometimes even an “old” element that could serve as a pattern for us.
The cost and time depend on the level of difficulty of the exhaust system design and also on our current number of orders. The cost of individual orders is a few thousand PLN and the average delivery time is a few days.
We regenerate both catalysts and filters DPF. The regeneration is based on cleaning the insert from the soot and ashes or replacing the ceramic insert with new ones.
We use stainless steel most often to build exhaust systems because it is more durable and resistant to weather conditions than normal aluminum steel. The cost of stainless steel is not that high, and the quality and durability are much better than its cheaper equivalents.
Unfortunately we do not have the bolt bending machine, in which the dies are precisely designed for bending with a certain radius - 1.D or 2.5 D for the largest diameters
Yes, but the material parameters must match the tool parameters. It would be best to make the items out of the material purchased from us, because the material is best selected and stored. Sometimes small mistakes make pipe bending impossible.
Execution time is scheduled based on the number of other departmental orders. When planning the orders, we also take into account the time to convert the machine to a different bending diameter and calibrate, which takes about an hour.
We can bend the polishing and satin tubes, but there may be material stretching and pressure at the deformation points, which can change the appearance of the tubes. After bending, you have to polish and satin the pipe again.
The time of element design and then machine programming, these are the fixed costs apart from the number of orders. In the case of an order of a larger number of elements, the costs are divided into a larger number of products and reduce the unit costs.