Working machines

agricultural and construction machinery, forklifts, loading machines, rail vehicles, aggregates

The work machine department focuses on the services and products for industrial machines. As part of our work, we deal with the modifications and adaptation of the exhaust systems to the specifics of a vehicle.

We deal with the regeneration of particle filters and catalysts in agricultural machines, construction machines, forklifts and rail vehicles.

Services provided

For a few years until now, all machines have had to comply with permitted emission standards, which forces them to use the emission control system. We have new and regenerated catalysts in our offer and we also regenerate the catalysts that the customers bring us.
Silencers and pipes
The exhaust systems in the work vehicles have very different shapes and lengths. We make new silencers from scratch, for individual orders or we work with other producers by supplying the necessary sub-groups to customers.
DPF filter
We have the particle filters for the working machines. We deal with the sale of new and regenerated filters, which we regenerate ourselves.
When modifying, we mainly focus on the functionality that the given system should fulfill. With regard to our rich resources and the production department, we can quickly come to the exhaust system modification.
Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, we are able to make a machine according to the specific specification. For this purpose, a photo or technical drawing of this element must be sent to us. Sometimes even an “old” element that could serve as a pattern for us.
The cost and time depend on the level of difficulty of the exhaust system design and also on our current number of orders. The cost of individual orders is a few thousand PLN and the average delivery time is a few days.
We regenerate both catalysts and filters DPF. The regeneration is based on cleaning the insert from the soot and ashes or replacing the ceramic insert with new ones.
We use stainless steel most often to build exhaust systems because it is more durable and resistant to weather conditions than normal aluminum steel. The cost of stainless steel is not that high, and the quality and durability are much better than its cheaper equivalents.

Sample projects